a codeword acronym for ‘Quick Juul Sesh
“dude I needa QJS right now before we we go back in class
by edrian koke May 19, 2018
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quarter joking; used by people who are chatting, but are kinda joking. like /lh but a bit more joking
basically, its a serious sentence with a small joke aspect to it.
im freelance /qj
^^ freelance, but with ome twist applied.
by 56independent May 9, 2021
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yeah i dont know if i can do that , i aint no qj
by milenkovitch August 16, 2008
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A queef job or QJ is when a man has his face so close to a trollop's axe wound that when she queefs his hair gets blown back and a waft of mist hits his forhead.
I'm not certain how Mona got all that air in her twat but when I went down for a closer look, the queef job (QJ) she gave me blew my mind!!
by Tex Texington February 5, 2010
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Qj mi patkata is a polite thing to say to a teacher. It means can i ask you something special to do for me.
Student: Mrs Pedal, qj mi patkata.
Teacher: Maybe well figure it out...
by patkoqdec March 29, 2019
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