Qian Kun is the Chinese jesus blessing everyone with his musical talents and insane visual
NCTzen#1: Damn! did you SEE Qian Kun?!?
NCTzen#2: IKR!! I'm bald! He's so talented!!
by stanNCT September 2, 2018
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/ch’ian kōn/


a human being that deserves to be treated equally among his members.

currently a member of NCT 2018, singing in NCT U’s ‘WITHOUT U (Chinese ver.)’ and dances in NCT 2018’s ‘Black On Black’ dance performance.

a magician ya’ll.

a mother of the ‘china line’.
will appear in the new season of ‘NCT Life’, airing at July, 23 2k18.

speaks both Chinese & Korean.

an absolute v i s u a l.
“Hi I’m ___ and i love Qian Kun.”

“If Qian Kun doesn’t get any lines when NCT China officially debuts, I’m suing SM Entertainment.”

“Please support, love, and appreciate Qian Kun.”
by rrrraisin July 9, 2018
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Kun is a member of the Korean boy group NCT and the Chinese boy group WayV.
“Qian Kun will have a proper debut soon.”
by Healing Smile January 1, 2019
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Qian Kun is a chinese singer leader of the c-pop group Wayv, he post covers and produce songs in his soundcloud account.
Wow Qian Kun best vocalist in history
by wayvflrt September 15, 2020
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an amazing, smart, sexy, kind hearted, hardworking man with a fat ass
Wow have you seen Qian Kun? The LOML?
by dilflover3000 October 11, 2020
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Aka dilf, Qian Kun is a very sexc thicc mf with a scrumptious happy trail. He's an amazing leader/composer/vocalist and is insanely underrated.
Qian Kun is so amazing and talented and he deserves to be taken seriously. He's not the butt of your jokes so if you wanna treat him like he is, keep his name out of your mouth.
by Kun's cumslut November 29, 2020
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The epitome of perfection, blessed by the ethereal looks and an angel like voice, Kun is the leader of WayV. He has appeared in shows like Pink festa and running man (special ep). Recently a new version of his pre debut song "Gu ren gui" has been shared which is probably what you hear when you enter heaven. His cover of "How do you sleep?" might be how humanity can be saved.

A very serious research to find if the man is actually an angel is in place and perhaps we might find the results one day. His sweet blinding smile and caring as ever nature might be enough proof, who knows one day he will spread his wings and let us know.
"Hey did you listen to 'How do you sleep? - Sam smith's cover by Qian Kun? It literally cured me.

Qian Kun? Oh you mean the angel like person from NCT?

Imagine not stanning Kun tbh. Sometimes I wanna bark at non-kun stans. 🙄
by Kun's mom January 4, 2021
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