Shane Dawson he is THE Qween!
For yall who dont know who tf he is...GO READ HIS BOOK AND WATCH HIS YOUTUBE VIDEOS SIS!!!!!!
He is a legend
The true qween is Shane. Spill the tea sis...SHOOK. I'll go home...
by emarie510 December 21, 2018
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A gay dude who acts like a spoiled, sassy, queen.
(qween walks past in a sassy walk) person- you go qween!!
by hentrygsh May 20, 2018
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Russell seems to think that American's do not speak English. "Queen" in his idea of an American word is now "Qween". The reason behind this choice of spelling is to rebel against the British.
"Qween, that band that sings "We are the Champions"."
by youcantevenspellqueendad February 18, 2019
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used for if someone is looking good or, has done something good. Usually used in the drag community to symbolise approval and recognition.
'Yass Qween, your body is looking snatched for the gods!'
by Leah_gxxxxx October 31, 2017
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The qween of ducks is a girl with blue hair that hides ducks around the school and her name is Jamaica
Kaelon: hey Jamaica what are you doing

Jamaica: im hiding ducks around the school

Josh:ok your majesty

Kaelon: the qween of ducks has risen
by Timmy and friends April 11, 2020
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Erin is a Qween. Erin is an amazing human being. A Qween is awesome. So, Erin=Qween.
Person 1: Omg Erin is a Qween! She stans Facob! (Erin/Qween)
Person 2: I know! I stan Facob too! We all love Erin.
by Iamnotakween June 3, 2018
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the sexiest women on earth, two gay one straight, who is the straight one? you’ll never know. unbeatable at smash and mario kart. not necessary if we have a threesome.
woah did you see that concert last night?”
“no, who was it?”
only da best, da buhbl qweens, who all have nice arses.”
by carolitis98 December 23, 2021
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