An incredibly dangerous, and unimaginably pleasurable sexual position,
Considered by authorities to be simply an urban myth.
The details are unknown.
There are six people confirmed to have survived a Q-job, three are insane,
Two are currently off-the-grid,
The sixth is actor Sean Connery.
I hear Heath Ledger received a Q-Job the night before it happened

They say the Q-Job was discovered in the city of Sodom, right before it was destroyed

"She shtarted performenk ah Q-job on meh,
I shaid 'I musht be dreamenk'"
Actor Sean Connery on the Q-Job
by Doctor Cocktopus! November 1, 2008
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The act of giving oral sex and at the same time inserting one's pinky finger into the recipients anus, intended to simulate a homosexual ménage à trois between only two parties. Circa.2010.
Person 1- "I wanna threesome, but we're down a man..."
Person 2 - "You want a Q job or something then?"
by Q job March 24, 2010
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When you use zip ties (cable ties) on her tits or rope/string to give them a helping lift and make them look less empty and saggy
I'm going to have to give her a B&Q boob job so I keep my boner
by The Milk Man Cometh November 20, 2020
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the term for giving a blowjob to both a hotdog and a guy at a B-B-Q.
Tyler really loved that B-B-Q and slob job
by Vanish137 January 12, 2021
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