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What you shall be eating after I Pwn you.
Haha you got hit so hard your mom will cover you with butter and mouthfeed you some pwncakes
by Jews love Jesus December 25, 2009
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A concoction of words from the wonderful language of l33t. "pwncakes" is a combination of the words "pwn" and "cakes", and combined sounds like "pancakes". The term is used to indicate that a particular situation is the subject of pwnage.
Z0mG!1!!! PWNCAKES! LOLZ! J00 GOT FUCKING PWNED J00 SHTINKING BUMSLUT! OMFG You did!! And you better liek it or I will pwn j0r mother's anus!
by Moo0z0r May 31, 2006
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A delitious treat that is served to the Pwnee. The Pwner can spend hours baking this treat, customizing it with different kinds of pwnsauces, pwncreams, and pwnbatter. The reason pwncake is given is because it is almost too devastating to get pwned without a delicious treat afterwards.
It was an epic CS battle, pwncake was being served all around the map.
by irt3hkegan August 28, 2009
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A massive amount of pwnage that you give someone.
It can also be used in a past tense verb like pwncaked
"I'm gonna pwncake you on this football field"
"I hope you enjoyed getting pwncaked at Halo."
by poprocks520 May 17, 2008
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The cake with which you pwn noobs with. Commonly mistaken for a cupcake. Often green or tan in color, sometimes can be found in off shades of white.
Yesterday, I was eating some pwncake when this chainsaw nub poked his head around the corner.

The pwncake was delicious, and covered in 1337 sauce.
by Boofra November 04, 2007
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used in conjuncton with l33tsauce to show that the person is a skilled at something usually used in games
man im l33tsauce for the pwncakes
by Killy856 August 10, 2006
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