To be willing or submissive, to be like jelly for someone or they features.
"When i looked in his eyes i was putty in his hands."
by lifeseager December 19, 2016
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Pronounced (Put-ee)

Another word meaning a female's genital area (vagina)
by Wheelz Noel October 26, 2014
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"PUTTY ARSE" not to be confused with "Pretty arse"
by shazza bazza April 11, 2009
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I got dis gril cumming over and she got sum gud putty.
by Dat Bitch September 15, 2006
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Dispensible, gray warriors made out of silly putty or some other material, primarily used to battle the Power Rangers.
THE PUTTIES ARE COMING!! bolloolololololollooollooloolloolololololololo!
by MoobiusX October 27, 2004
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someone who tries to act cool to impress others, but generally ends up looking like an idiot.
"oh gosh, check her out! strutting around like she's audrey hepburn- she's such a putty!"
by banan11 May 31, 2009
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