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On the same principle as the word "Homesick"(Someone who misses home) : Pussick is a mix of "Pussy" and "Sick". It defines someone who is sex starved, someone who wants pussy.
This guy is always trying to pick up any girl he finds. He's such a pussick.
by SamZer November 04, 2014
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someone who is a wimp and a jerk at the same time
that freakin rude boy is always scared of everything ...he's such a pussick
by idkbutimcooltho December 05, 2005
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When people say you are what you eat and you eat both pussy and dick.
That chick she swings both ways in bed . She is what she eats she's pussick.
by Emimaekhaotica October 02, 2017
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A pussick is when the dick of a man is inserted into/ currently in the pussy of a woman. This can also be used as an alternate term for sex, intercourse, or as the hip young people call it, fucking. This can also be when a man spreads his legs and you can see his innard section, but his dick is also visible. This can be verb or an adjective.
1) "Dude I saw the pussick last night. It was gross."

2) "Bro we used the pussick last night. We did the pussick real hard."
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by July 31, 2017
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