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Kebab is slang for a Muslim Person and or Extreme Muslim peoples.

It originated from 'God is a Serb' youtube video which later transformed into the Remove Kebab meme, a video filmed during the Serbian-Bosnian war where many muslims fought against Serbs..

Kebab is widly regarded to be slang for Turks and Bosnians but can be expanded to any Muslim country which eat the kebab (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Iran, etc)
Serb Soilder : I can see a bosnian muslim in my sniper scope, what shall i do Novislav?
Novi Slav : Remove Kebab!
Serb Soilder: Shoots kebab through head
by SovietSpaghetti August 24, 2016

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A Needle Beggar is an term used to define a heroin addict or addicts that are too damn lazy to work to feed their habit, so the addicts aka needle beggar asks or rather begs around for money.
Addict : Hello Auntie Kay, I need some money can you spare me some cash?
Auntie Kay : your only Going to buy heroin with it, Now Fuck off somewhere else you dirty needle beggar!
by SovietSpaghetti November 20, 2013

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an abbreviation of the Shortened to the Word 'Pleb'

generally means a poor person
Husband: Oh No I have no money to feed the kids, dear wife
Wife: OMFG! you are such a plebian, why did i marry you
by SovietSpaghetti August 28, 2016

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The art of using your rifle butt to literally fuck someone up in a war zone scenario....
American Troop: *gun goes click*
Wehrmacht Troop: *gun goes click*
American Troop: It's time to get butt fucked you Kraut Bastard!

*American Troop proceeds to smash Opponents skull in repetitivly with his rifle butt*
by SovietSpaghetti August 28, 2016

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term given to a person when they submit to the wage slave life and are content and submissive...
Its a way of saying person who dosn't give a shit about anything but thier custy job, family, watching TV and Drinking Starbucks coffee, working a menial job and other mediocre shit. Basically a fucking Normie that submits to everything and is like a cog in the machine... they care only about what they can buy and who they can fuck to get higher up in the chain of life... Bascially they are just consumers of bullshit and Don't have any humanity or individuality.
Bob: Hey Jerry, Lifes such a shit den mate...
Jerry: Tell me about It I work with a fucking team of barcodes and It makes me sick, all they care about is stupid shit
by SovietSpaghetti June 09, 2017

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When you sit on the toilet and you begin to push out a clustered ball/balls of shit that look like boulders. I.e. Taking a shit when Constipated
Fred sat on the toilet only to find out he was Pushing Out Stones.
by SovietSpaghetti September 15, 2019

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