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A hand gesture used when something is too awkward/FML to describe with words.

Puppet Hands is when one lifts their hands in the air (near their head) with the elbows higher than the wrists. The idea is to simulate a puppet on a strings held by the elbows.

Puppet Hands can be used in place of FML. It may be accompanied with the user exclaiming "Puppet Hands!"

Puppet Hands can also be used on behalf of another. If something awkward/FML happens to someone, an appropriate response is to initiate Puppet Hands.
Example 1

Person A: I just saw an old man wearing very small biker shorts. *Puppet Hands*

Example 2

Person B: I need to write a ten-page research paper, due tomorrow. *Puppet Hands*

Example 3

Person C: My grandmother sleep-talks about her sex life.
Person D: *Puppet Hands*
by charchu September 30, 2010
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