To make a stupid mistake that causes oneself to lose.
Fred was on the verge of victory. He had his opponent down to 1 life but forgot to take his draw step. He sure punted that game of magic.
by spracdracular December 04, 2016
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I first made this saying after finding that sometimes owned and pwned can't describe my feeling good enough.
Used in online games for when someone gets completely destroyed. Can also be used for when someone gets happyslapped or hit by something in the face or genitals very hard. I intended this to be used with a deep voiced announcer like Unreal Tournament.
Best used over a Microphone.
(DjDec kills Killer667 with a tank shell)
DjDec: PUNTED!!!!

(Killer667 left the game)
Stupot101: LMAO!!!!
by Dj Dec (Declan) December 12, 2008
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If you use a pun in a clever or funny way to jibe or mock someone else.

BTW those last two tags were a load of shit, had to come up with five, so...
Alice: What does the phrase "a bit left field" mean?
Izzy: That question's a bit left field isn't it? Punted!!
by Broady68 May 21, 2012
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1) To get hit by something and go flying at very high speeds.

2) To get hit by something
I'll punt him into a wall if I ever see him again.
by Time & Relevant Queef in Space December 18, 2018
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To have a bet.
John: I have a feeling QPR will beat Man U today.
Alex: At 14/1, it's worth a punt!
by Top Tipster January 10, 2013
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to end an awkward conversation, or respond to an off-color or bad joke.

on a broader scale - and punt can be used to change a conversation's topic, or swapped in as a verbal exclamation point to emphasis one's point or argument, or even to convey excitement.
1. After hearing his coworker tell an unusually bad joke, Maxwell exclaimed, "and punt!"

2. Upon hearing his friends hired him strippers for his bachelor party, Dick exclaimed "and punt!"
by onlineprguy September 02, 2007
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