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A girl on IGN who is the target of much hate from prepubescent teenagers who will never get laid. Mostly from a board called the vestibule.

Due to many especially patethic posters who have saved her pictures to photobucket accounts, she is often called an attention whore despite the fact she seldom posts pictures.
Punk_Monkey owns you all.
by i win December 15, 2004
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She's not that attractive and I'm not even entirely sure that she's not a he but hey I'm Kajan97 so I'm used to surprises!
Instead of sucking my dad off as usual every Saturday at 7pm sharp I think I'll ask that Punk_Monkey babe on a date!
What have I got to lose other than more dignity when she either rejects me or I found out what she's sticking in my ass isn't her tongue but a giant penis attached to her pelvic region?!!
by Kajan97 September 24, 2004
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an ugly slut from ign
man have you seen that punk monkey? yeah meng shes a slut yo! of course G.
by punk money blows April 14, 2004
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