When something moves by itself, like it is breathing.

A pussy that twitches and move when sexually stimulated by the mind and thoughts alone without touching it.
Johns arm pulsate after he finish lifting weights.

Rhianna's pussy pulsate during a hot sexy conversation with her boyfrriend.

Dang girl you made my pussy pulsate last night when we were on the phone. You had me so freaking hot when you said you can make me moan.
by Kietee025 June 25, 2006
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When a girls vagina gets horny
My vagina pulsated when me and Jake had sex last night i got really hory like way to much.
by Xhshdbd July 23, 2018
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expand and contract with strong regular movements” or it can mean “be very exciting”
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Someone who would chat up practically anything with a pulse, also likely to get off on anything stumbled accross in picture/ vid/ dvd form if apparent that it would have a pulse!
Be careful, x has been known to be a real pulsator.
by Nice kitty. January 18, 2005
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Pulsating hospitality is the reciprocation offered to a cougar in exchange for dinner, drinks, conversation and spending part of her alimony on the cougar hunter.
Jib Slice threw down his pulsating hospitality and thecougar still short-changed him!
by Jib Slice May 19, 2010
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A person who waivers from their beliefs under certain situations, such as when they are intoxicated.
Veronica is a pulsating asshole. She says she is a lesbian however when she gets drunk she hits on every guy at the party.
by wadeaaronroach February 06, 2009
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