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Verb: to pull a mike
Definition: To create an imaginary Girlfriend and try to convince all of your friends she is real for an extended amount of time, but will ultimately fail in keeping the truth hidden.
Justin has to be Pulling a Mike, There is no way he met some girl in North Dakota when he lives in Florida!
by GrudgeHumper January 10, 2009
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In a given situation, "pulling a Mike" is when you assess and evaluate all options, figure out the best possible course of action, and then proceed to do the exact opposite. In short, this is to make the most dumbfoundly awful decision that one can make at any given point. A "Mike's" natural habitat is in any matter involving women, sex, copious amounts of alcohol, or some awkward combination of all three. Nearly always, disappointment ensues.
Phil: Man, did you hear about Mike pulling a Mike the other day at my place?
Noah: Yeah, didn't he drink himself into a stupor and projectile vomit all over your room or something?
Phil: He did, and he was also somehow butt-ass naked too. And that's terrible.
by Phil95 October 26, 2014
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To drink shit booze, usually a 30 rack of Bud Light, and text your only friend, completely shitfaced, looking for either his dick, or for him to hook you up with trashy jungle pussy, while having an existential alcohol-induced crisis"
Tyrone: "God, the homie Jamal is texting me asking for my dick."

Sanchez: "Oh Shit, is he drunk?"

Tyrone: Yeah, he straight up "Pulling a Mike".
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by The_South_Side_Demon January 16, 2017
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