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Verb. Partaking in any kind of behavior that may be perceived as unreliable. Named after everyone’s favorite RA, Jason.

Examples of such behavior:
1) Saying that you’re going to the library when you’re actually going out to party.
2) Sneaking out of the building to go to a fast food establishment when you’re on duty.

3) Ordering a rice cooker that arrives at your room after you quit your job, and then never coming back to pick it up.
Jason: “If anybody comes by looking for me can you tell them that I went to the library to study for my econ exam?”
*Comes back four hours later stumbling down the hallway and slurring his words while discussing plans to streak in a football stadium*
Instead of studying he was pulling a Jason.
by MrSeasonOpener March 18, 2014
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The act in which of avoiding a person(s) for multiple weeks in order for them to leave you alone and to stop being so clingy.
She was to afraid to break up with (insert name here), so instead she started Pulling A Jason on him
by ChasingGhosts May 14, 2013
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