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When an author dies before completing a series that:
1. Extended over many books
2. Published over many years
3. Uses cliffhangers and leaves story arcs incomplete between books

Inspired by Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time".
Why was Adam so pissed yesterday?" "Oh, he just found out that the author of that series he was reading pulled a jordan. After reading 8 books of that series already.
by acousticvis May 18, 2011
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When you ask a girl that you know if she wants to go out with you and your friends to the pub under the guise of maybe setting her up with one of your friends. Which you aren't so sure if you clearly explained that to her at the start. Only to find out that she thought that you wanted to take her out on a date, and completey blows you and all your friends off because she found out that you in fact have a girlfriend.
Dude what happened to that girl. Oh she found out you had a girlfriend? Did you tell her? Yeah man you totally pulled a jordan.
by MosDawg February 02, 2007
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