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The act of saying something at the wrong time. Criticizing someone when they are right behind you, using inappropriate language around people of importance, or making just plain stupid comments around the wrong people.
"Nice one. You just pulled a Brian."

For instance:

"That math test was a bitch!" - in front of the principal's office at your private high school

"This school is NOT the shit" - while passing the head of administration at your private high school

"HEY REF! GET OFF YOUR KNEES YOU ARE BLOWING THE GAME" - yelled in a quiet gym during a basketball game at your private high school...while sitting right behind a teacher

"Who the heck made up that rule? that is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard in my life" - when the maker of the rule (part of administration) is sitting right in front of you
by Brian Conlan January 19, 2006
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