A person named Declan that likes to talk about cremation.
You see that Declan over there. He is a Psycopath.
by Fishieboi January 25, 2020
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A crazy person. Have sex with them.
A joker that is manipulativ like Batman joker. Psycopath
by A psycopath March 13, 2017
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someone whom likes melons over watermelons
p1-hey! look, melons are on sale! shall we buy some?
p2- NO! 'r'u a psycopath++?
by XxDeMoNSLaYeR69420xX April 19, 2020
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psycopath - psyco path
that stone and dirt walkway from the large house on the hill to the Bate's motel.
that psycopath is walking down the path to the motel again.
by the only highlander June 16, 2009
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"Ahhhhh!!!! It's a Homocidal Psycopath!!!! Run for your frickin' life!!!!!!"
by wolfbeatlesfans March 11, 2010
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A sub-type of Psychopath. Used to describe someone who is the worst actor on the planet, who lies more that the more that a serial killer, and has the unique talent of shitting on command.
Amber Heard Is A Psycopath!
by MyDogSteppedOnABee May 8, 2022
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