A protractor is a measuring instrument. Most protractors are divided into 180 equal parts. A protractor should under no circumstances be used to measure your PP, whit the only exception of having a unnatural crooked dick.
Pro tip: don't use a protractor to measure your PP, but if you do not under no circumstances you tell your friends
by ATF: 7 May 22, 2021
Mathematical instrument that is intended for measuring angles. Can also be fired a great distance along a desk, a great event in the maths class olympics.
Thomasina: Give me my protractor. Fire!
by Spatula March 8, 2004
A protractor is a devil tool used in a wood shop or a math class. It is more than that tho every protractor ever made is soaked in demonic acid and they will haunt you. Green protractors are like the devil. It’s like how demons aren’t as scary as the devil but still scary; regular protractors aren’t as scary as green ones but still scary.
I played with a ouija board and my house was haunted by a protractor. Good thing it wasn’t a green on I would be dead.
by Reese in pieces December 19, 2017
it's the asexual version of scissoring, so basically cuddling
Man, I want to go hang out in bed and do some protractoring with her
by fandomwizard April 20, 2017
Ugly but with sharp features used as an insult. commonly used in PEI.
You and your friends all have protractor faces!!
by Shxhcjjcns January 17, 2015
The panic before a math exam when somebody asks if you need a protractor for the test. Five minutes later everybody is panicing because they do not have a protractor. Eventually somebody realises that nodody needs a protractor and assures people that their panic is unnecessary.
girl1: Wait, do we need a Protractor for this test?
guy1: um, I don't know, I'll ask jason

5 minutes later
The whole class: Shit, i don't have a Protractor. Do you have a spare?!

10 minutes later
Girl2: Guys, this is just protractor panic, relax! We don't need Protractors.
by mathsislame November 19, 2010
Refers to the debate over the benefits and drawbacks of using engine-powered vehicles instead of livestock to pull processing-implements for crop-fields. A protractor is a geometry device used to create/plot charts and graphs showing the various advantages that gas/diesel/electric motive-power has over horses or oxen, while a contractor is a hired professional whose job is to present the negative effects of motorized farm-machinery.
The whole protractor vs. contractor issue is not one that has an easy answer or solution --- on the one hand, modern farm-machinery is easier and simpler to operate, but horses and oxen do not cost nearly so much to purchase or maintain.
by QuacksO June 2, 2018