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The prostatutes ares whores that, in the middle of the action, violently insert their fingers into your anus to reach your prostate. They also go back and forth with their fingers really really fast and really really hard. They are evil creatures that appear only at moonless nights, so watch out!
-Hey dude, you wanna get some hoe's 'night?
-better not, man, I can't see the moon in the sky... There must be some prostatutes among them...
-oh shit, I forgot! Come on get into my car, I'll bring us safe!
by Grillzy January 07, 2010
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A specific type of prostitute that only allows him/herself to have sex in the anus. For various reasons such as pregnancy, period or preference. Very highly sought after as they charge the same as a regular prostitute.
"Hey Brandon, you done a prostatute yet?"
"No, what's a prostatute?"
"Those prostitutes that have standards and only have sex in ass. It's great, cheap anal sex and don't have to worry about a baby."
by Jesusifhewasblack June 06, 2013
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