to request sexual favors in exchange for monetary or material compensation.
Jeanine the massage therapist was propositioned 5 times in the past week.
by ParaphiliaPro November 24, 2009
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If someone is propositioning you, it means that they are offering you sex. It is a more polite and euphemistic way of saying someone wants to bang you.
"Pete is propositioning me again!"
by fayestrawberry November 01, 2013
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Generally, a proposition is a statement, a sentence that makes a claim such as "This water tastes bad."

There are four kinds of propositions, labeled A, E, I, and O.
An 'A' proposition claims that "All A are P."
An 'E' proposition claims that "No A are P."
An 'I' proposition claims that "Some A are P."
An 'O' proposition claims that "Some A are not P."

Propositions are used in everyday language. A simple sentence can be a proposition. A proposition is labeled for the purpose of determining its validity, its truthfulness, against other statements in logical arguments when compared to other statements in that argument.

"This water tastes bad" would be an example of an 'A' proposition, because the speaker is including all of 'this' water in his claim.
A proposition: "A restaurant is not a clean place." "All cats are felines."
E proposition: "Not one smile is on any of their faces." "No cats are canines."
I proposition: "Some candy is sickeningly sweet." "Some cats are in the species called 'lion'."
O proposition: "Some days are not good days around here." "Some cats are not in the genus called 'Panthera'."
by ceclark February 25, 2012
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An indecent offer. An offer that would preclued marriage.
To say that if we get married we will have separate vacations is a proposition.
by EvaLissens September 17, 2009
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The act of receiving a blumpkin whilst delivering a Cleveland Steamer; in other words, getting a blowjob while taking a dump on a woman's chest.
Whilst dropping a Cleveland Steamer on his date's chest, Max was shocked when she started giving him a blumpkin - the Nacogdoches Proposition at last!
by 4E4 August 26, 2011
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Generally refers to California's Proposition 8 that was voted on in November 2008.

It banned same sex marriage in the state of California.

It passed with a 52:47 ratio, but was overturned in August 2010.
Proposition 8 was recently overturned by a judge.
by Pikamander2 August 12, 2010
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Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, was a proposition that was passed on November 5, 1996 in the state of California. It passed with 5,382,915 votes in favor and 4,301,960 against. It allows patients with a valid doctor's recommendation, to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal medical use.
Thanks to Proposition 215, I can now legally smoke weed everyday of my life.
by XxTokerxX4Life July 17, 2008
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