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A Prominent Member, usually of an online forum. Usually forgiven for minor infractions of the rules due to their popularity.
Person #1: Are you sure you can post that in this forum?
Person #2: Who cares? I'm a Prommie, dammit!
by Priest of Odd February 10, 2006
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Origin of the word: It stemmed from the word "Prominent."

The first time it was notably used was on Jan 20, 2004, when a GDer named Troggard started a namedrop thread. It shortly became a HOT (hang-out thread) called the GPM (Gaia's Prominent Members) in where the higher ranking members of the forum chit-chatted; often excluding the non-prominent members from their chatter. Other HOTs sprang up in the forum; GNPM, GBP, et cetera. When the mods decided the HOT threads were no longer GD material, they moved the HOTs to the Chatterbox. Many of the members still gather in the GPM guild, along with other, newer prominent members.

Selection of prominents/prommies of the GD, by fame generation:

Original to Mid 2004 - Angsty Shem, Miyuki, Hawkeye_GGK, Troggard, Aleda, Grimm Anarchy, Samur, Alkatrazz, Crimson Teardrop, The 5th Horseman.

Mid 2004 to Early 2005 - irrelavant, Branwen Silverwolf, NightmareNurse, The 5th Horseman, Remodez, Twist3d Ang3l, Mephianse, and i starve, DSK.

Mid 2005 to Early 2006 - Purple Angelica, Hazy, Conan the Barbeque, Samael, DerangedTechnicolor, Mivzi, Pandy the Headcrab, Sadist Boo, Jagermeister, General Engel, pidgezero_one, switchdown.

Mid 2005 to when this was written (could also be considered regulars, because the previous generation of prommies are still active in GD) - 50s Housewife, interpolly, Sith Lord Ali.

Some prommies have continue their status into GD's next generations.

Over the years, people have lost the meaning of what a "prommie" is. It's more then a regular; who is someone that you just see around a lot. A prommie is someone who has better items, more friends, connections to other forums, talent (artistic ability, intelligence, whit, looks, style, or something that stands above the normal users). They also get a bad wrap from those that do not understand why they're in the position they're in. Not all prommies are jerks/trolls/attention whores. And, once you're a prommie, you'll always have that state of mind.

Things that prommies have done over the years: The HOTs, Meet-ups on the East Coast, West Coast, and in the UK, The Mung Brigade, The WTF Internet Radio Show, Gaia Radio, G and Crave, namedropping threads, trend threads, and all the drama that comes with being "elite."

Prommies have also spread their slang to other Gaian forums: prommie, qt, and the heavy use of the symbol "~".
"Name your favorite prommies!"

"What's a prommie?"
by Long time GDer September 16, 2006
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Prominant member of a forum or message board. Designated by popularity. Easy to spot, because they normally type in small, centered or right-aligned text. Being a grammar nazi is a must.

The usual prommie circle of a message board is usually a pathetic group, compensating for lack of friends in real life.
"Omg, I'm internet popular! Kiss my prommie ass."
by Internet Terrorist March 14, 2006
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Prominent member of Gaia Online's General Discussion board. Over the years there have been many of them, such as Sith Lord Ali or Miss Squirrel. Around 2009 the term died out and most people claimed that prommies were officially dead.
Then, in summer 2010, a GDer going by the username vaginal vomit revived the term and claimed the title of eternal prommie king. While it caused quite a stir, it was generally accepted, and now vaginal vomit rules the GD with an iron fist, creating teh dramaz and getting banned almost every other day.
vaginal vomit: "No you're not, now sit your ass down, take a tissue and start bawwing about it. Boo fucking hoo."
by I know so much shit May 06, 2011
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04: The Term PROMMIE is coined by Troggard
Numerous users are "made" prommie, usually by fancy and expensive avatars & how often they are seen around the GD~
They are also made via the HOT of the GD @ the time. "GPM".

Users such as: 5th horseman, Troggard, Miyuki, and Hawkeye_GGK (who is now a GD mod)

Major threads: Namedropping, HOTS.

05: With prominence in full swing more and more users becoming, to a degree, idolised.
05 was characterised for its heavy amount of flaming to new users and even to veteran's.
If you couldn't hold your own in a flame fight you didn't belong in the GD.

Users such as: And I Starve, PA, Hazy, Remodez, Mephianese, Derranged Technicolor, Sadist Boo, Pidgezero_one, Switchdown, General Engel.
Who were made so through wit and originality, as well as being able to cast a good lvl10 flame.

Major Threads: Abortion, Christianity/Atheism, Racism, A good Trend every now and again.

06: As the Gd grew in size it became harder to get recognition and thus posters were, in a way, force to become smarter. Posters like 50s housewife used gimmicks; whilst users such as Interpolly used an incredible amount of satire to gain a reputation.

On the opposite end of the spectrum were the "accidental prommie's".
Sith Lord Ali being the major outcome of this. Not only has SLA been able to Coin the phrase "donate?", but SHE has also been able to use her looks to her advantage. She was the first of the “Beauty” Prommies.

No user has actually stood up in my opinion and many will agree with me on this.
The reason for this? No one is actually sure.
The GD has become so big that no one actually stands out anymore?
Or is it just that all the users are as like anonymous.
Cogs in a forum posting machine.
One thing that can be said about 07 is that it will be marked as the rise of the “wannabetroll”.

Trolling has been a way in which members in the past have gained recognition.
Users such as Conan the Barbeque, Samael, and Hazy.
However, these users did not use a gimmick such as PONY TROLL, and spam pictures of trolls. They actually used a topic and rolled with it.
One memorable thread of Conan’s is his “11 year old tits” thread.
It lasted over 4 months in the GD and reached well over 100 pages.

Notable Prommie "Memes": Use of Tilde's ( ~ ), "qt", Numerous Trends, Namedropping etc.
"What is a prommie?"

"Are they a prommie?"

"Prommie's are so over-rated"
by `nova starr September 03, 2007
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Prommie, Prominant. Fame in Gaia's Gd.
False Prommies include 50s housewife, interpolly, conan the barbecue, sla, richardsimmons, lanzer
by Rebecca Blanchard November 20, 2007
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Members of the GD that are very popular, and everybody knows who they are such as, GDs tATuu, The Muncho, Teh88YearOldProstitute, Miss Squiirel, Sith Lord Ali, The Guy Who Thought Pink, and DethByDuctTape
A promonent Member.
Everybody know's me! I'm a fucking prommie for crists sake!!
by Mister Explository March 30, 2008
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