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A spam guild on the forum community Gaiaonline which provides guild members with endless polls through which they may gain the hypothetical currency of Gaia Gold.
It has the highest number of members of any Gaia guild and as such holds great power, may be a place of great drama and has a very complex and highly entertaining social system. It also has its own sort of religion, which involves the hailing of the creator Myspoonistoobig as a God. Not all members subscribe to this particlar aspect, though.
"I can be a pollwhore in Magical Poll Land and no-one's going to complain"
by 0.Meg August 21, 2006
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The 2nd most popular guild on Gaia Online. Known for lacking a significant number of competent mods, bandwagons, drama, and arrogant regulars who will all gang up on and flame the shit out of any user who attempts to speak his or her opinion, or gets into a fight with someone with a higher rank on the social hierarchy.

Is less fun than it used to be, filled to the brim with quest threads, and has been infested with furfags, newfags and regular fags.
I can be a retarded in Magical Poll Land and everybody will shit on me for it, even though they're just as retarded!
by Addison R. February 04, 2008
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