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A lazy/weird way of saying probably.
"Did your brother kill that guy under the bridge?"

by Tin Boss September 19, 2016
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\ pro*lies \ ( pro-leez )
- noun, pl
An extension of proletariat from Orwell's 1984, which refers to docile, undemanding, uncultured working class citizens.
"Man, why do they keep making all these shitty reality TV programs? I mean, who actually watches them?"
" ... Prolies."
by Avian Chaos July 10, 2008
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shortened form of the word probably. usually used in im or fags who talk im in person. for the lazy people who cant spell probably.

dude1: hey you going to the game tonight?
dude2: proly. you?
dude1: proly
by sumwho September 11, 2007
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The state of acting or feeling like a member of the proletariat. To represent or resemble items, ideas, or people associated with the proletariat.

The opposite of bougie (definition # 2)
Man, my boss was being such a bitch today. He's got me feeling so proly. Throw on some Dropkick Murphys yo.
by Doc Shady May 15, 2010
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