A brand of blank tee shirts that is very popular in the L.A. Area. If you buying a blank tee especially a white one it must be a pro club for it to be tight. Many people wear them inside out so that u can see the tag and what size they wearin. Other shirts like Hanes and footlocker ones dont compare to the quality and freshness of a Pro club. They sell these practilly anywhere. Hair salons, swapmeets, anywhere. They are good becuase they thick and heavier than any cheap ass hanes one, the collar is way better than any other one, and they have tall sizes like 2x tall for them tall ppls.
I got to get my proclub before the party.
by Hathorne CA October 8, 2004
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The shirt to buy
These shirts are heavyweight, thick, and comes in an assortment of colors and sizes(regular or tall)
Made for 'casual' wear
Pro club also sells long sleeve, thermals, sweaters, etc.

Very popular in the L.A. area
Dude: Hold up, I need to get my pro club.
by man with the flow January 11, 2006
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White t-shirts that everyone started wearing all of a sudden because AAA white t-shirt "got yellow"
Come with me to buy a Pro Club shirt.
by Dirk Nowitzki April 20, 2004
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A game mode in fifa that honestly makes you feel the need to boot 2 incest Down syndrome dwarfs down a flight of stairs just to stay sane.
When a Curtis has the ball in pro clubs you want to strangle the life out of his body.
by Your fat mother lol May 25, 2022
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da new muhfuckin white t company das sweepin la like da lakers should have....

mostly a pro club heavy weight t shirt
black dude1:i got me a pro club
black female:check his tag
black dude1:is dat a pro club?
black dude2:no its a hanes
blackdude1 and black female laughs
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A Sweaty FIFA game mode that makes the best of friends hate eachother.
It is also full of people who have munted their pro player up. So they look like Kaitlin Jenner.
Oscar: "Callum ur trash at Pro Clubs m88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888"
Callum: "Ill chin ur mum if you chat hella wuss
by MASSIVE h February 13, 2018
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Trinity Pro Clubs Men is the best at Pro Clubs and ydk all In them have 12 inch.Don’t ask how I know that.They have about 17 birds minimum on their phone and all of them birds ok with it
by Mr. Carl Tang November 23, 2021
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