A gamer who uses competitive gaming (tournaments, leagues, etc.) as their sole source of income. This does not refer to someone who games all the time and attains some level of skill; being a pro gamer means you use it as your profession, and that you actually do earn money. In the USA, there are few pro gamers, and those that do exist usually make all of their money from prizes in tournaments and leagues, with some income coming from sponsorships. In Korea, however, there are actually leagues with paid salaries, closer in format to baseball.
"Wow I just beat a good player, I'm such a fucking pro gamer."

"No you aren't, you don't even make any money you fag."
by neugha October 17, 2007
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A person who plays video games in professional matches such as in MLG tournaments. Pro gamers play hours everyday to practice and strategize. Pro gamers are very good in a particular game type but play professionally in their best game. In large pro tournaments cash is awarded and sponsors hook up with the pro gamer.
Yo man you can't beat OGRE1 he's an MLG Pro Gamer.
by xNAILSx March 3, 2008
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When you make money in the gaming profession, you are considered a pro gamer. Most pro gamers are usually experts at what they do, and unlike the Epic Gamer title, being a pro gamer does not limit the games you play (epic gamers usually play Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, or Apex Legends.

Some exampless of pro gamers are Youtube gamers (i.e. Markiplier, Pewdiepie, or Ninja), Twitch streamers, or competitive gamers.
Guy: Did you see? Markipliers net woth is, like, several million dollars!
Other guy: Well, what do you expect? He's a pro gamer.
by The_Random_Dicthead April 23, 2019
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Being “pro gamer” means to be neutral in a conversation about a controversial topic
Joe: hey Fella, are you pro life, or pro choice
Fella: bruh, I’m pro gamer
by thelittlebonsai February 15, 2021
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One who is good at nothing else in life and has to resort to playing online games to make friends and get "respect".
"I cant wait till we die... then we can live in games!" - big perm 2004
by big perm July 7, 2004
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Someone who enjoys computer games (too much). Often possesses a bloated sense of self.
Wow, you're a Pro-gamer!
by :> July 12, 2005
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200 legal hours in 2 week.... Scrimmin with all the best clan out there and just havin fun bashing on n00bz. There is nothin like the feelin of a fresh teen booty.... i mean a single shot of a 44 and killing a sniper.
LegacY turns from cal-o scrub to cal-m like skill in a small amount of time. Non-stop playing in locked box and puggin and everything....
by Jason July 7, 2004
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