Prndl refers to the gears in a car.
Park, reverse, neutral, drive, and low gears.
by Shaftly July 14, 2018
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(Pronounced "prindle") The lever used to select gears on an automobile equipped with an automatic transmission. Usually located on the column behind the steering wheel, or floor mounted on the center console, ahead of and between the front seats.
Put the PRNDL in D to move forward, in R to reverse, and use L when climbing steep hills.
by W. Watts September 2, 2006
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A malfunctioning gear shift that gets stuck in Drive despite the complete lack of operator error. Typically a word used in Alabama and Winchester.
David: Holy shit, your truck is rolling away because the PRNDL isn't working

Christine: O crap, my PRNDL done broke again. Guess it was too bougie.
by ArugulaPuss February 4, 2021
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Person Really Needs Driving Lessons; a vehicle with a PRNDL (automatic) transmission is for people who don't know how to drive a real car (with a manual transmission or "stick shift")
I asked my friend what that PRNDL thing was in the center console of his car. I hadn't seen anything like that before, since my vehicle says 1-2-3-4-5-6-R. I figured it was an acronym for Person Really Needs Driving Lessons, since I didn't know how to use the PRNDL thing.
by Super-H September 6, 2018
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by Daren620 November 12, 2008
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Pronounced "prindle stick". The gear shift in a car.
"Dude, my PRNDL stick is stuck in park! How will we get to White Castle?"
by esue June 10, 2009
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when a makeout session in a car is disrupted by the center PRNDL stick in the car, thus preventing (or hindering) the two kissers from getting any closer.
i really want to get closer to you, too bad for this PRNDL hinder.
by OhJoyImNinasBoy April 4, 2010
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