Gaining access or power without consideration of ability based on financial status.
Betsy DeVos has no experience as an education administrator but she has a ton of money for vote buying and so her priveleged incompetance got her the job.
by Lizzy Mac February 8, 2017
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Gay Privelege occurs among groups that historically promote themselves as marginalized, using perceived victimhood as an excuse to promote ridiculous bullshit like white privelege, gender nonconformity, and the Russian Collusion Narrative, with near impunity. Utilizing Identity Politics as a means to disregard an argument outright instead of actively participating in dialogue, those who weaponize their Gay Privelege have furthered false narratives ranging from Global Warming, to Antifa as a non-terrorist group, to the Epstein "Suicide" through self-martyrdom as a discouragement of response, particularly when a camera is present.
Check your privelege, Boomer!

Check your Gay Privelege, Faggot!

*Faggot lops his dick off and kills himself*
by Mjolnir12982 November 11, 2019
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Afforded life style to workshy nignorant aids carrying useless niggers who reap a lifestyle of privilege subsidised by hard working tax payers
the tube was full today of 200 kilo sheboons who would push in and be rude it must have been a social signing on day for free rent and foodstamps ,its their chimp privelege .
by biedess January 23, 2018
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A leftist hate speech term for anyone who is being them selves, living with out shame, anyone who is not pandering to the ultra left and femininism domination.

Usually used in a sexist way against men or in a racist way against certain skin colors
by Pat Tree It February 7, 2022
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