Soldier of the lowest military rank, pvt. Parts.
Can be a dick sometimes; occasionally a pussy.
"Where's Private Parts? "

"I don't know. He's AWOL again"
by Whoopty Doo! March 1, 2020
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The word used to describe penis, balls, vagina, anus and boobs in a useless and misunderstood way (especialy using the word to "teach" children) and usually what parents tell their children not to let strangers touch
child: momy what are these?

mother: oh sweetums those are your private parts!

child: well... what are private parts?

mother: private parts are the parts of our body that we kept private sweety.

child: why do we have them?

mother: hmmm, well we use them to...

father: to stick my fat cock in your mothers tight pussy son.
by Aynos June 6, 2011
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Private parts are a ass, penis,cock,vagina,ass,willy,dick,balls and bollox
Private Parts! Included: ass, penis,cock,vagina,ass,willy,dick,balls and bollox
by Inky (bendy's ink cat) June 17, 2017
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Men: The Penis, Testicles, and Anus.

Women: The Breast, Vagina, and Anus.
I saw Mark's Private Parts last night, and he let me play with them.

I saw Jenny's Private Parts last night, and she let me play with them.
by ExpertEntrepreneur August 4, 2011
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Slang for a girl who you don't care about who pleases your privates; a hoe; a friend with benefits
Ah bro she's such a private part pleaser, but I don't really like her
by d1rtydeeds December 28, 2016
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