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On the Toyobaru 86 twins, an intentionally obscure feature, meant to disable or modify some car systems - like turning off ABS/TC/SC. Involves a precise sequence of button and pedal pushes (even handbrake pulls), akin to a cheat code in videogames.
There are similar sequences for other makes/models for different purposes (like permanently disabling seatbelt chime on Ford Mustang).
The Pedal Dance on Subaru BRZ is very simple to unlock. Just do the following:

Turn on your car, and make sure it is fully warmed up. You also only have 30 seconds to input the rest of this sequence to unlock Pedal Dance.
Pull the emergency brake three times. Lock it on the third time.
Press the brake pedal three times, holding it down on the third one.
Pull the hand brake—you guessed it—three times, locking it down on the third pull.
Press the brake pedal twice more.
by Whoopty Doo! November 26, 2022
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Soldier of the lowest military rank, pvt. Parts.
Can be a dick sometimes; occasionally a pussy.
"Where's Private Parts? "

"I don't know. He's AWOL again"
by Whoopty Doo! March 1, 2020
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To slam somebody on the ground; perform a takedown
Subject was violent and ignored lawful orders, resisting arrest, so he had to be decentralized to be taken into custody
by Whoopty Doo! January 31, 2023
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Man, they really should've put a hairdryer in the BRZ, it gets gapped by civics!
by Whoopty Doo! November 26, 2022
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The result of turning your bone stock into more of a soup by adding something that makes it better.
That BRZ is souped up alright! Look at all the bolt-ons!
by Whoopty Doo! November 21, 2022
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