An agreement set up between people to keep things secret. Are always broken, we don't knwo why they're set up.
Bob: HAHA! I just agreed to this privaacy policy but I'm going to violate it!

Kali: stfu I'm watching porn.

Bob: F U

Rest of CLique: STFU!
by theeclique November 15, 2003
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Where a site either says "We hate spam, we'll never let anyone know your e-mail", or "Fuck you, we want money!"
That's what you get for not reading the privacy policy
by RickoniX November 13, 2003
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The privacy policy's small-print said that by using this site my kidneys may fail. I failed to recognise this statement and now I am in hospital with a lap-top registering my digust through-out the world.
by B-Drac November 15, 2003
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A privacy policy is the state of action where company procedure regarding personal information is shown to punters (potential clients). This is aimed to set them at ease regarding thier information, although since it is a policy and not a contract, it can be broken with internal permission.
Forget a lame privacy policy- we've got a privacy contract!

--From some internet security site I encountered some time ago.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 20, 2004
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When you updated your privacy policy and you want everybody to know
2:*punches 1 in the face*
by A normal humanoid June 04, 2018
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A subject of conversation nobody gives a flying fuck about.

Originates from the fuckton of "We're updating our privacy policy" emails in wake of GDPR
Dave: *spouting arcane shit in monotone voice*
Bob: I'm not following a damn thing he's saying.

Jim: Don't mind him; he's just updating his privacy policy.
by Solarys May 29, 2018
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