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Hypocrisy on four wheels, and the car that ended the golden age of Japanese cars. Hippies, hipsters, and less-intelligent liberals buy them under the impression they're saving the environment.
In reality, they have enough nickel and cadmium under their back seat to poison half of Canada.
A Prius is most often seen doing 40 in the carpool lane with an obese neckbeard at the wheel, a 24-pack of PBR in the truck, and an anti-Bush sticker on the trunk lid.
by Buttfuck Dynasty July 24, 2015
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Most liberal car ever. Dealer installable optional ani-Bush sticker
Lets drive to the forest to hug trees in the prius
by Tim45 November 13, 2005
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The car for pussies and ass- holes alike
Guy 1: i see you just got a prius
Prius driver: thanks!
Guy 1: here have this,* middle finger*
by the child catcher November 11, 2016
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Also known as the Douchebuggy, the Prius is the Batmobile for douches, dumbasses, and bad drivers.
Every person behind the wheel of a Prius/Douchebuggy is either
A) A douche
B) A bad driver
C) An idiot with no common sense
D) All of the above
Many Prius drivers think they are better than everyone else for driving one, however, they are like a giant "I Am A Douche" sign one drives everywhere.

If you ever think of buying a Prius, you are either not thinking or want to find another way to be a douche.
Person A: Did you see that asshole on his Bluetooth headset being rude to everyone at Starbucks leaving his car parked in 2 spaces like a total dick? Why would someone do that?
Person B: Well, did you see he was driving a Prius?
Person A: Oh... Well that explains everything.
by MikeylHunt October 22, 2013
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A dumb "eco" car that can save the world.
Prius, Commonly driven by 16 year old thots named Trisha. Watch out for Trisha the Thot as she'll be speeding and ramming yo ass off the road fuckfaces
by Panchodelyfe October 20, 2015
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A car owned by homosexuals, often referred to as a "vagina"
Dude, that douche drives a prius I mean, vagina. What a homo.
by banneddps January 24, 2015
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