A hypocritical unqualified trust fund brat who deliberately runs a state into the ground based on hs incompetance and ignorance.
we need to elect a new governor because the last one was a real pritzker
by notakrause May 12, 2020
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I met Martha at Dennys last night. I had a short conversation with her and realized she's nothing but a Pritzker
by Skinny pos June 4, 2021
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An old Playboy who teaches the way of Nooking (Intense driven sex) through introduction in english class. To obtain the "Pritzker" one must have acute sense of style and a killer mustache. Along with inablility to look straight in one's eye and have gnarled fingers.
by THE ODAWG November 2, 2011
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V. When a woman ejaculates so intensely during orgasm that she releases immense amounts of fluid, typically in a squirting fashion. Also frequently referred to as squirting however, pritzkering is more controlled and the woman can use this ability to pritzker where and when she wants usually for acts of deviousness.
Last night she pritzkered all over me when I was going down on her.

Damn it woman! You just pritzkered on my cashmere sweater.
by Anonym789 December 31, 2011
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When you are hungry and need to use the restroom, but have to make 3 different stops to find an open restroom amid dining room and lobby closures.
We would have been here 30 minutes sooner, but your Mom needed to take a Pritzker Pit Stop.
by Neilson Smeilson October 25, 2020
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