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Strong, resilient, loving. <3 She can put you through a tough time but at the end youll thank her for it. She is so powerful, attractive.
Wow that pritika girl is really something.
by Smaehgp90x June 05, 2018
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A lovely person with a cool attitude... As well as honest.... But gets hurt very often from her friends due to her honesty...
Friends often take advantage of her honesty attitude...
Hey, see there's Pritika... That lovely girl.. Lets talk to her.... She's amazing....
by aru_sumu June 08, 2018
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a stick of glue used mainly for conecting paper and card together.
can also be used as a harmless solvent
hey charles, pass me the pritika
i need a pritika to glue this together!!
thats super pritika, you need hot water to take it off
by solvant abuse May 03, 2006
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