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Princeton High school is where its at. We have haven a block away, along with pizza star, quiznoes and "The Deli". Amazingly were not all white and rich, most of us are mixed races and are middle class. Durring break you go the the smokers corner until goldie or karim kicks you out. And of course those pick dention slips and an after school trip with the looney from some spanish country. Other than that PHS is a chill place better than west windsor and montgomery for sure, and were not farmers.
Yo down to grab some haven and have smoke a boge?

"hell yeah I love Princeton High school"
by jaybaby112 November 30, 2011
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Princeton High School, commonly referred to as Probationary High School, is the melting pot for dropouts of all races. Diseases roam freely throughout the ancient halls of princeton, and with help from the slutty students, have managed to transform this once immaculate school into a cesspool of trashy bimbos.
Mom, i think i have (Insert STD here)

Son, I hope you weren't hanging around Princeton High School again...
by Better then princeton April 12, 2010
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Princeton High School is much cooler than any other high school in P-Town. PHS is super awesome for it's close proximity to Hoagie Haven, lack of an excessive number of rich snobs (i.e. Princeton Day School), and basically it's air of coolness that has yet to be duplicated by those losers at Hun...although we could do without the Crans. It's yet to be overrun by weirdo-smart Asians and Indians as in West Windsor-Plainsboro or Montgomery.
Free 6th? Time for a Haven run.

At least Princeton High School doesn't smell like curry and soy sauce.

by Semmer1989 November 19, 2007
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High school in Princeton, IL where 10% of the students have above average household income, 50% is average, and the other 40% is as poor as can be but still find a way to afford a Juul and an iPhone XS Max. Everyone is constantly depressed and the only find joy in the pain of others. Teachers are either your best friend of Satan himself, no in between. be prepared to enjoy the never ending pain of the gloomy environment that this building beholds. The best part about this God-forsaken place is that you'll probably be able to get a blowjob or two from one or more of the endless skanky thots.
Student A: I was able to get a blowjob from one of the skanky freshman while I was Juuling and recorded the whole thing on my iPhone XS Max at Princeton High School!

Student B: Nice dude! I'm going to kill myself for no apparent reason!
by mememan.69420 February 05, 2019
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