A small sandwich shop in the Village of Princeton, NJ. Specializes in making hot hoagie sandwiches that appeal to the palates of drunken Princeton University Students. Some of their famous sandwiches include the Big Cat, Heart Stop, Fat Lady and the Bloch. On any given weekend one can walk down Nassau St. to Hoagie Haven wasted and enter the small sandwich shop run by Hispanic men that love to listen to techno music. Rumor has it that it was Hoagie Haven's revolutionary sandwiches that the Czech rowing team feasted on that led them to their olympic gold medal in the 2004 Olympics.
Hey I'm pretty drunk and hungry, let's go to Hoagie Haven and grab a sandwich.
by Shirley Tilghman January 21, 2006
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I believe it was actually the USA olympic team that was the gold medal team, nonetheless it was definately the delictable hoagies that fueled their olympic success
by Tim Lanni February 22, 2006
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