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The most senior pastor or priest in a church, who helps to look after his pastoral staff and his congregation.
Unlike in politics where the prime minister is usually elected by members of his political party, in church, the prime minister is often an anointed leader who has been blessed with the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit to lead those under him to live a holy and godly lifestyle.
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by MathPlus April 09, 2017
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Chief minister and leader of the government in political systems based on the Westminster system.
In many systems it is a pre-requisite to nomination to demonstrate an ability to suck up, suck cock, and have a penchant for sadism
"Clean wax and polish as you dust with the Prime Minister's cabinet"

"The Prime Minister - Leaves your surfaces fresh and clean"

"Helen Clarke has the biggest balls I've ever seen on a Prime Minister"

by C McC April 06, 2009
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A person who has no knowledge of the beings he is suppossed to be taking care of.Also a French dude with a slanted mouth because he spent too much time suckin cock when he was younger.
The Prime Minister decided to take more taxes away from the Canadain people.
by cambridgegal73 July 23, 2003
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