A school for years 1-6 that will lead you to a path of depression. Your friends leave your life (unless they go to the same High School, yay), you finally told your crush that you liked them on the last day only to figure out that they had a crush on you too... then the bell rings, you say “goodbye” to friends and teachers, you go home, then play Fortnite/Pubg and wonder why you were sad.
1st Year 7: My Primary School ended badly.

2nd Year 7: Uhhuuuuh, and why was that?
1st Year 7: Found out my crush also had a crush on me on the GODAM LAST DAY!!!
2nd Year 7: Dam, that’s heartbreaking. What happened next?
1st Year 7: Played Fortnite and Pubg at home. Why?
2nd Year 7: So you didn’t go hang out with your Primary School CRUSH!?
1st Year 7: No, why would I?
*2nd Year 7 face palms* Oh my fucking god. You stupid son of a...
1st Year 7: LANGUAGE!
by AsainicAudric July 02, 2018
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the term for a relationship which involves no actual contact between boyfriend and girlfriend

and the relationship only lasts several days or weeks
tom:so how are thngs going with mary?

joseph:since i asked her out we havent even spoke,i think im going to break up with her

tom:o rly? but uve only been going out 2 days

joseph:yh but i dnt feel a connection

tom:aaw dude tht is such a primary school relationship
by robbehsword July 11, 2010
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it is a school based in singapore and has a rich, long history of around 89 years. it's a wonderful neighbourhood school and has very very very delicious food. you can't miss it if you ever visit. lots of students go to good secondary school like rgs, hwa chong, nus high, ri and nygs. highest aggregate score was 270 must go study in xnps! we have the best facilities in xingnan primary school!! the school offers a lot of opportunities and teachers are very nurturing and nice! very educational people. schoolmates are friendly too! school is clean and has many amenities for students to use. pond is beautiful and volleyball team is one of the strongest in sg! COME TO XNPS!!!
person 1: hey who's that
person 2: she's from xingnan primary school! so cool
by youcannotescapetheduck April 05, 2021
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One of the many ratchet and ghetto schools of South Africa
Justus: My daughter goes to Northcliff Primary School

Debbie: Oh yeah I'm the principal at that ratchet school
by Graciano R December 27, 2021
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friars primary school is the best primary school on this earth, if you went there you are most likely an absolute g at the moment.
keira: i loved friars primary school

emma: i know i miss it so much!
izzy and lilo: YEAH!
by lovefriars October 12, 2020
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