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A school for years 1-6 that will lead you to a path of depression. Your friends leave your life (unless they go to the same High School, yay), you finally told your crush that you liked them on the last day only to figure out that they had a crush on you too... then the bell rings, you say “goodbye” to friends and teachers, you go home, then play Fortnite/Pubg and wonder why you were sad.
1st Year 7: My Primary School ended badly.

2nd Year 7: Uhhuuuuh, and why was that?
1st Year 7: Found out my crush also had a crush on me on the GODAM LAST DAY!!!
2nd Year 7: Dam, that’s heartbreaking. What happened next?
1st Year 7: Played Fortnite and Pubg at home. Why?
2nd Year 7: So you didn’t go hang out with your Primary School CRUSH!?
1st Year 7: No, why would I?
*2nd Year 7 face palms* Oh my fucking god. You stupid son of a...
1st Year 7: LANGUAGE!
by AsainicAudric July 02, 2018

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A person who can be very funny at times but quite desperate to know everything going on. He would travel in groups of people who have a random personality like him and join them to do stupid ideas. Luckchan’s are a unique type of human species that have something everyone else doesn’t have.
Random guy: “Did you see that funny but strange guy at the mall?”
Random guy 2: “Yeah, that’s just Luckchan. Always asking everyone who their crush is.”
by AsainicAudric June 26, 2018

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In my terms, this isn’t something to be sad of. This, is man. More or a child, around the age of 12 to 14. So you can guess that this CHILD is a Fortniter. But, he’s smart and can do the job done. The flaw is, when escaping Anzac jumps on an ice trap, sliding down a hill, landing on a jump-pad, gliding down to Tiltied Towers, double pumping everyone, and getting the 2nd place Not-Victory Royale.
Person Reading This: But I don’t get this.
The Author: It because your not ANZAC, ok.
Person Reading this: This is fu...
The Author: LANGUAGE!
The Author: Anyways, he’s just a Fortniter. What do you expect?
Person Reading This: Pubg.
Author: I wish too.
*Both leave Anzac alone, still trying to get that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner*
by AsainicAudric November 20, 2018

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Ethan E-Than

Ethan is a human being name, like all of us. However he lacks a trait known as being a socialist. He’s terrible at messaging girls and can’t do five pushups due to the lack of vitamin D. Or Fortnite I guess. Overall, don’t message him as he’s rarely known to message you back, or even talk to you. He’s also very busy for some reason.
1st friend: Oh come on! It’s been 2 weeks and you haven’t responded?!

2nd friend: Who are you talking to?

1st friend: My IPad. It has Ethan’s contacts but no response yet.

2nd friend: I hear you bro. He’s a introvert from the world. Probably playing Fortnite right now.

- Little did they know, he was busy. As usual -
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by AsainicAudric December 24, 2018

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Akaash is a child’s name. It translate to litteraly a piece of money. You can tell him from any other child from his expensive bling and items, such as his water bottle. He’s a unique child (yes, Akaash is a name of a boy) with the ability to scream so loud that it basically shatters glass. If you don’t like the name Akaash, then replace it with rich boy. Because, after all, his name is Akaash for a reason. Also, he prefers PUBG over Fortnite.
by AsainicAudric October 22, 2018

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