Nick name given to the well known and amazing brand Primark.
"Oh wow! You got approached by a brand for collabs'! I hope it's not Primany!"
by Milliemoooon February 16, 2019
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An oxymoronic amalgamation used by shoppers of the Primark clothing chain, in order to add an illusion of Quality and high-class. Consists of PRI(mark) and (ar)MANI, the former being a cheap and tacky clothing store which incidentally sells knock-off, one-wear versions of the latter, a fashion house lead by Giorgio Armani.
"I got this from Primani on Oxford Street"
by Thomas Garrod May 30, 2008
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quality-defining synonym for the amazingly cheap chain shop 'primark'
Man 1: 'hey, nice cashmere jumper, who's it by?'
Man 2: 'Primani mate.'
by sebzzzzz October 14, 2007
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"I need some clothes, I'm going to Primani"
"Where is that?"
"At the shopping centre!... Primark!?"
"Oh. Well that makes it sound so much more expensive, and well, it sounds a nicer name!"
by realoren June 16, 2014
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