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The state of having to be constantly around in the office because failure to do so would make one appear lazy, unproductive, and irresponsible.
Jane feels that hard work and presenteeism is the only way for her to get promoted—she must be seen as being always busy before her bosses and being around her subordinates as a sign that she cares for them.
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by MathPlus April 14, 2017
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Act of showing to work when you are sick. Opposite of absenteeism.
So-called "presenteeism," or going to work when sick, is a persistent problem at more than half of U.S. workplaces and costs U.S. business a whopping $180 billion a year, research shows. (from
by JDD January 26, 2007
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Going to work or school when ill.
Spreading germs through anxiety over missing work or school.

Opposite abscenteeism missing work for any or no reason.
PRESENTEEISM will likely cost US employers 18 Billion yes billion dollars this year through lowered productivty of Presenteeism workers, the spread of germ to other employees regarless of abscenteeism or presenteeism cost significant losses.
by damnriver January 26, 2007
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A word made up by The Disneyland Resort as a result of poor employee attendance at The Hotels of the Disneyland Resort, and the two Resort Theme Parks, as well as other Resort controlled locations. Presenteeism is defined by The DLR (Disneyland Resort) as "the act of being present." The idea is that all employees are at their work location ready to work at, or 5 minutes before their scheduled start times.
Disney makes up thier own words, like presenteeism.
by GM C January 01, 2007
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