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Act of showing to work when you are sick. Opposite of absenteeism.
So-called "presenteeism," or going to work when sick, is a persistent problem at more than half of U.S. workplaces and costs U.S. business a whopping $180 billion a year, research shows. (from CNN.com)
by JDD January 26, 2007

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Shortened form of Cavalier, as in University of Virginia Cavaliers.
"The Cavs now lead the Terps 55-54 with 5:04 left in the game."
by JDD January 27, 2007

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Among those who consider burgers and fast food to be essential parts of a healthy diet, vitamin w refers to food from Wendy's.
Yo, I'm starvin, I gotta get me some Vitamin W before I get rickets...
by JDD January 23, 2007

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