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A girl or boy who likes to dress both the 'Preppy' and 'Punk\Goth' way. They have the mindset of knowing how to act either way because of their personality being split between the two. They mostly like the punk scene for the lifestyle and the true meaning behind it,if you will. And the preppy side is mostly the love for meeting new\cool people and being able to fit in with that crowd while still being themselves.
Person 1: Hey there's Allie again...wasn't she wearing that new Hollister sweater she seemed to love?...And now she's wearing... -trys to read the shirt- The Misfits? Okay...
Person 2: Trust me, I have her in my gym class, she's really cool. She's not a poser...just, different.

Person 1: ....So Preppy Punk? Hm, nice.
by IamWhoeverThef*ckIam(: January 17, 2011
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Preppy girls and boys who sometimes sport Ramones t-shirts because Carson Daily made punk rock cool. They have no concept of punk rock, the punk attitude, or anything associated with it. All they know is that Skyler in sophomore English class is way hot, and he wears a Fall Out Boy shirt and sings in a band called "As My Eyelashes Turn To Dust and Blow Away in the Summer Winds."
Michelle started wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt when she saw Maddy in her bio class wearing one. She couldn't find one at Abercrombie though, so she had get it elsewhere. Her parents were worried, but Michelle promised she'd always remain a preppy punk for her love Maddy.
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
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someone who is always preppy, but then suddenly wears a sex pistols t shirt to school.
me: "who what sre your favourite sex pistols songs?"
preppy punk: "well you know that one song.....uhhh. you know..."
me: "did you know sid vicious never learned how to play bass?"
preppy punk: "uhhh.... right....i knew that...."
me: "are you a pouser?"
preppy punk: NO!!!! I AM NOT!!!! *goes off to cry to her friends*
by yeahmanmanman May 04, 2005
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someone that dresses "punk" but inside is a pathetic lost prep trying desperately to conform to their vision of what punks wear.
see poser
elena the stupid bitch that stole my dead kennedys shirt when she doesn't even know anythign about the band; whose favourite 'musicians' are ashlee simpson and avril lavigne
by xxfuckyourmom March 24, 2005
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a person who wants to be punk cuz they think it is cool, but they are a preppy peice of shit poser who wear companies like abercrombie, holliseter, etc.... and then all of the sudden start to act like a punk and try to spike their hair etc. most of these type of people dont know jack shit and wished they were punk, they think that bands like blink 182, good charlotte blah blah are punk
kid1 - hey guys, look at this new punk good charlotte cd i bought! OI! yeah im so punk.
kid2 - no ur a poser ass peice of shit and ur gonna get shot and you have no friends.
kid1 - but my hair is spiked and im waring a avril lavigne shirt, im punk.
kid2 - no ur just another stupid poser

kid1 - runs off crying
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