A peson, (mainly males), that ejaculate too early during intercourse.
Patrick: Oh yeah baby that's so good i'm almost about to blow a load. How close are you to having an orgasm? Nicole: Patrick we just started three minutes ago. Patrick: *blows load* sorry babyNicole: Worst sex ever. You're such a premature ejaculator.
by Mitchel Strongarm January 23, 2009
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Every man has a shotgun in their undercarriage. It has one barrel, but it can be filled with two types of ammo, urine or sperm. When a man shoots out sperm from his shotgun before sex or before 2 minutes into sex, he has prematurely ejaculated. It is one of the most embarrassing things a man can endure. Don't do it.
Premature ejaculation is a word too often connected with sex. Fight the battle against premature ejaculation today! Viva la revolution
by Andrew Shea August 25, 2004
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To jettison your bombs before the misson has been completed
Damn it joe thats the fifth time today, you damn premature ejaculation master
by Drue B December 03, 2006
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When a boy (specifically a certain pastor's kid) can not keep his cum in his cock and does his shit way too early.
Ben: "Shit I cummed"
Girl: Uhhh we were just kissing
by Phil Robinson May 14, 2004
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Accidently activating your "star power" before every one else in your band, unless going solo, can accumulate enough to star power with you.
Rocker 1:
*tilts guitar a bit*
"GODAMMIT, sorry guys. Didn't mean for that to happen."

Rest of band:
"C'MON, man. You gotta get your premature ejaculation under control."
by mr.grey January 21, 2009
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Usually you cannot control it, its when a woman is someone you think is hot and she does something sexually arousing like spanking her ass, then you just let it go uncontrollabley.
Hot Girl: Hey y'all!

Boy: Damnit I had premature ejaculation.
by premature ejaculation happens September 08, 2009
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