The quality of being easily anticipated; as in a behavior or response easily anticipated due to historic pattern.
"Kari's seemingly reflexive need to hijack a Facebook post and/or be the first to comment had become all-too-predictable."
by AbuName December 23, 2016
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Description by marketers for explaining what usually is already happening. Most frequent level of usage generally occurs in December.
Prediction: "Facebook is gonna be a big deal in 2011."
by @LenKendall December 20, 2010
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Something that is foretold,a vision of the future,a prophecy
I'm seeing a prediction of your future.That you're gonna become a great bussinessman.
by BlackPohatu October 5, 2016
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I knew you where looking this up on Urban
how about...clitoris, I predict your lookin that up next.
Man, your so predictable.
by Fred the3rd April 3, 2006
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Measuring in ones mind the size of their sexual partners dick before it is presented.
After realizing how accurate her predictation was, Emily could not wait to have Johns cock inside her.
by Care-bare January 14, 2018
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A woman who has not had sex yet .. i.e. A virgin
That nun is predict
by Chief80 November 7, 2007
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