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Anything that is good or has positive connotations. It can be used on its own in a way similar to based. Originally derived from concepts associated with @Preakentreat on twitter, mainly blonde anime girls.
"Dude... I just got a blonde gf"
"Very Preak!"
by Preakentreat October 26, 2019
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a horny freak. in other words, a pervert.
Usually used in reference to old men who prey upon little children. For example, Mr. Hill, formerly a principal at Gateway Academy, home of the Preaks
by candy November 01, 2004
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May be confused with β€˜Prick’ if u have a weird ass accent. Anyways, a horny little freak. An old man who spies on kiddies! U naughty little mannnn hehehehe
β€˜He’s a preak. He always looks at my doll and dribbles.’
by RugbyPost June 11, 2018
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A little old manhore who spies on them little kiddies outside school gates. A man who usually has a white beard with spit in it
Omg that old granddaddy is such a preak
by Karatepreakolicious April 10, 2019
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