After I took my pre-workout the tingles had me ready to lift a house!
by mrginch June 11, 2014
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The closest thing to cocaine that is legal. Take one scoop of pre workout and you’ll be cracked out enough to hit a new PR. It also makes you shit like crazy so be warned
I took two scoops of pre workout and I wanted to take over the world.
by Chad Chett January 20, 2022
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Using anything regarding a crushing memory yo motivate you in the gym instead of normal pre-workout (e.g. reading ex texts or talking to your ex, remembering a dead relative/friend, etc.)
Person 1: Damn I ran outta pre
Person 2: That sucks, you gonna use the forbidden pre workout?
Person 1: Already sent the text
by April 28, 2022
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Also known simply as a PWP. A hearty number two before a rigorous workout, designed to warm-up the bowels and prevent any mid-workout-sharts. Can also be done with a group of friends, where it is known as a Pre-Workout-Group-Poop, or PWGP.
John: Hey, are you gonna take a PWP today?
David: Of course I am, my pre-workout-poop is the only thing I look forward to these days.
by preworkoutpooper April 4, 2016
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