The most fucked up class in mathematics, designed to make students hate higher level math before they even get to it. Combines concepts from algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and every lower level denomination of math into a confusing clusterfuck of topics that has no correlation with Calculus- and doesn't even introduce the derivative. Forces students to memorize about 50 different formulas and be able to call them to attention on demand. To name a few; quadratic formula, slope intercept formula, point slope formula, completing the square formula, partial fraction decomposition formula, midpoint formula, factoring by grouping, distance formula, Pythagorean formula, and many more. This course should not exist.
"Hey dude could you help me with this Pre-Calculus problem?"
"No way man, I'm in calc 1- that shit is way too confusing for me"
by AfghanPanther September 25, 2018
shitty wast of time that really fucking sucks if you take advanced. dont even waste your time trying to go for a challenge at this level of math. Take the dipshit level class and maybe you can pass with a d+
Precal student: This sucks. Pre calculus is really fucking dumb.
by nikkikikiki March 2, 2010
A course on outdated mathematics that is not necessary when a higher level of math has been reached. Its main purpose is to amplify the beauty of Calculus, where everything is so much easier thanks to the derivative.
Pre-Calculus Student: Hey, can you help me with my pre-calculus homework?
Me: No, I'm a mathematician.
by Urban Dictionary May 7, 2007
Person 1: You take pre calculus?
Person 2: Yeah, it's mad hard
by PolandSprings00 June 13, 2019