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loves the beach. She has blackish hair and brown eyes. She likes McDonalds Chicken McNuggets and drawing eyes. She is fun to be around, but she is pessimistic at times. All and all she loves to be with her friends and family.
Pranavi and her brother were at the Movie theater
by Unicornlovvver August 03, 2018
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a girl who always gets sidetracked and normally doesn't listen. loves to waste time, espcially on club penguin. makes an amazing friend who always wears hollister shorts, and likes to throw things.
p1: why are there m and m's all over the floor?
p2: someone threw a ball at the m and m container
p1: must have been pranavi
by lalalalala1234567890lalaalalas November 24, 2012
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very pretty, fun to be around, funny, confident, and a little crazy at times
Pranavi got an A on the test
by sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii November 30, 2018
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Likes food and vapes a lot. Kindve annoying but very funny and will let you use her vape whenever. V charitable and can get almost anything for you when she isn’t too busy getting things for her self. Very hyper and always preoccupied with a phone.
P1: why isn’t Pranavi here
P2: she is, she is just playing on her phone
by Charliehorsebrownboyledickens September 22, 2018
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