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The thing you worry about day and night up until report cards and says you passing classes then you get your report card a turns out you failed 3 classes
The night before report cards came out my PowerSchool grade in math was 82, got my report card...65. No further explanation.
by Ifffyyy6 October 30, 2018
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The application that many private schools use so their parents can know the students grades before their report cards.
Omfg, I flipping hate PowerSchool -_-.
by Philip George October 1, 2005
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When overachieving high school students check their online report cards an absurd amount of times in the hope that a grade from an important test or exam will be posted.
Sarah: "That English midterm was ridiculous."
Rachel: "I know, ugh. I've checked Powerschool every 5 minutes for the past 5 hours in the hope that the grades will go up. Still nothing."
Sarah: "Girl, you gotta stop. Don't fall prey to Powerschool Syndrome!"
by stripedbanana January 27, 2012
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