To pull over and masturbate when driving long distances. Much like the advised "power nap" to avoid accidents.
"Man, ive got one hell of a boner, better pull over and power wank."
by Baxt August 28, 2008
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To 'beat the meat' within seconds of ejaculation, then stopping. Enjoy the feeling for a while. Wait for the feeling to stop, then beat until you are within seconds of blowing again. Repeat for a good few hours, then while you do finally blow your load, it will feel a million times better than any wank, blowjob, fuck or sheep shagging.

Well recommended.
*ring ring*

Man 1: Hello?

Man 2: Alright dude?

Man 1: Fuck off, I'm having a wank.

Man 2: Fair play, I'll call you back in 5 then?

Man 1: No. I'm having a power wank...

Man 2: A who wank?

Man 1: *sigh* Just call me back in 3 hours.

Man 2: 3 HOURS?!

*Dial Tone*
by Looney... February 14, 2010
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To stand in front of a full size mirror, only wearing a viking helmet and 'wank' solidly for 10 minutes while listening to 'The Ride Of The Valkyries' (the one from Apocalypse Now)
Person A - "I had an awsome power wank last night"
Person B - "Wierdo"
by Jonnie66 August 16, 2006
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when you are in the climax of wanking knowing that someone is coming, in wich case you begin to wank so fast you could satisfy a female blue whale
when ur mum is on her way up the stairs
by Tony bistol February 23, 2005
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When in you in the climax of wankin knowing that someone is about to enter the room you are in. and so you start wanking so powerfully you cock goes to red alert
by Tony bistol February 23, 2005
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For when you're so fucking horny from phone sex that only a power wank will do.
TEXT: "Oh god you're really making me want to come fucking badly. Gonna have to have a power wank thinking about your beautiful sexy ass"
by Lucas1212 February 2, 2012
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In the case of extreme horniness and unable to find the proper equipment (magazines,internet,movies etc)and you are in a public place (school,work etc). A power-wank is the answer. Max time 30 seconds. You go into that loo and bash at your member so hard your hand almost falls off.

Can be used in competition: who can wank the quickest. Wud only advise if reali drunk or you dont mind group masturbation
"Joe you were quick in the loo?"
"oh thx just went for a power-wank to clean the pipes"

by Billy Sastard August 12, 2007
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